Logo OF Milipol Paris 2021

New French Homepage

Just in time for Milipol Paris (October 19-22), the Germandrones website is now available in a third language.

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Booth with various Germandrones Products at DSEI London

Germandrones at Multiple Trade Fairs

This month we’ve displayed the Songbird VTOL and our Hexa- and Quadcopter solutions at two exhibitions: It started at the DSEI London from September…

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Warning sign at a fence against African Swine Fever

At the Fence against the African Swine Fever

The Songbird UAV is particularly suitable for inspections over long distances. A fence system is in place now to keep animals out of Brandenburg,…

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VTOL UAV with control tower in the background

Songbird Drone Operating in Airport Control Zone MGL

"SkyCab" is testing the joint operation of manned and unmanned aircraft. For this purpose, procedures have been developed with the Deutsche…

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[Translate to englisch:] UAVs updated PCB

UAV Maintenance at Germandrones

Germandrones‘ customers don't just buy drones. It's also about having a long-term partner at your side for support and maintenance. But what happens…

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[Translate to englisch:] Feuerwehr Einsatzkraft bedient Tablet-Computer.

INSPIRE digitally supports fire brigade operations

Fire exercise demonstrates the potential of digitization in the area of ​​civil security.


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Drone in hot desert conditions

Border Protection in the Desert

A customer in the middle east will use the Songbird in its security & surveillance configuration to fight smuggling and other illegal activities.…

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Multirotor with 4G-streaming-camera

Germandrones Integrates Systems in BOS-Drones V8 Copter

The camera unit with cloud-streaming-capabilities is well-proven on the Songbird. For the "Inspire"-project it has now been integrated into an…

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Alternative Pitot-Solution for Airspeed-Measurement of a drone.

Tech News: An Alternative Pitot for Drones

Germandrones has developed a new type of pitot-probe with significant advantages over the competitors’ classical tubes: It is small and elastic,…

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Power pole with a bird's nest - aerial image

Oversized, special software, special demands

Custom payloads demonstrate the flexibility of the Songbird and its development team and show what can be achieved with a VTOL drone.

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