YellowScan integration workflow

Check YellowScan LiDAR integration options available for Songbird 150 High-Precision Mapping.

Our goals 

Songbird 150 High- Precision Mapping is the ultimate solution for the LiDAR Market and benefits surveyors to map long distances and big areas with high efficiency and data accuracy. The unique design and technology of Germandrones Songbird enables heavy load LIDAR technology with flight times up to 58 minutes (flight time of Songbird with only camera integration is up to 105 minutes). 

Our collaboration with YellowScan opened new possibilities for surveyors to enhance their productivity. The creation of Songbird 150 was driven by our customers' needs and it offers the following benefits for the mapping industry: 

Easy-to-use solution: Songbird 150 is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that surveyors can operate it without any hassle.  

Toolless assembly: It takes just 10 minutes to assemble the drone, without requiring any additional tools. Payload compartments designed for the different YellowScan products support operation  and use of different products. This saves valuable time for surveyors in the field. 

LTE/5G deployment: The drone can be deployed with LTE/5G technology, providing new horizons for safe flights. This allows our customers to focus on acquiring data without worrying about connectivity issues. 

ADS-B/Flarm-integration: Songbirds may be provided with the newest transponder technology to act safe within manned airspace and be visible for other aircrafts, helicopters. 

Droneintelligence software: Our proprietary Droneintelligence software offers reliable and fast control over the data acquisition process. Surveyors can easily manage and analyze the collected data efficiently. 

Efficient flight time: The Songbird 150 offers extended flight time, allowing surveyors to cover more ground in a single flight session. This improves overall productivity and reduces downtime. 

The integration of YellowScan products is approved by experts, the regular exchange between YellowScan and Germandrones grants integration of updates and newest technology. 

Versatile and compatible: The drone is designed to be versatile and compatible with different payloads in addition to LIDAR technology. This means surveyors can customize it according to their specific requirements and use it for various applications. 

In summary, the Sondbird 150 High-Precision Mapping solution together with YellowScan LiDARs provide surveyors with a user-friendly, efficient, and versatile tool for accurate data acquisition. It optimizes their workflow, ensuring high productivity and reliable results. 

Songbird 150 High Precision mapping Yellowscan LiDARSSongbird 150 High- Precision Mapping


Choose your LiDAR 

The Songbird 150 High-Precision Mapping is designed to be a versatile solution that offers a wide range of options to our customers. We provide customers with a payload box that includes an integrated setup, allowing them to use either a LiDAR, multispectral camera, or thermal camera with the same Songbird 150 drone. For more detailed information about the available payloads, please visit our website page) 

The Songbird 150 High-Precision Mapping offers compatibility with interchangeable payload boxes, specifically designed for use with YellowScan Mapper+ and YellowScan Surveyor Ultra2 LiDAR systems. These LiDAR systems can also be detached from the payload box and utilized on other vehicles, making them particularly convenient for integration with multirotor drones. This reduces the overall investment for our clients with different mapping activities and these who want to use their existing copter-based LIDAR technology for additional long-range mapping or inspection activities. 


Songbird 150 High Precision mapping Yellowscan LiDARSYellowScan Mapper + and YellowScan Ultra 2


To gain better results of data, our clients asked us to integrate cameras in addition with LiDAR systems into our Songbird solution. The aim is to colorize point cloud data for better visualization of mapping results. Based on these requests, our engineers made exceptions and developed solutions that allow for the integration of these systems directly into the fuselage of the UAV. While it is still possible to detach these integrated systems and use them with other UAVs if needed, it is important to note that once integrated into the fuselage, they cannot be easily replaced by other cameras without new pairing development. This integration ensures a seamless and optimized workflow for clients who require both LiDAR and camera functionality in their mapping and surveying operations. 

Songbird 150 High Precision mapping Yellowscan LiDARSYellowScan Mapper + and YellowScan Ultra 2 und Kamera


Technical specs 

You can find below the general specifications that are applicable to the system. 



Mapper + 

Ultra 2Mapper + and Kamera Ultra 2 and Kamera
Flight time, minutes  Up to 55 Up to 55 

Up to 45 

Up to 45 
Point cloud density, points per square meter, 20m/sec 90409040
Exchangable payload box YesYesNo No
Accuracy, cm    3333
Precision, cm  2.5 32.5 3
Scanner field of view  70.4° 360° 70.4°360° 
Echoes per second 3333
Scanner Livox AVIA Hesai XT32M2X Livox AVIA Hesai XT32M2X 

More information about YellowScan products can be found by link.  

Droneintelligence software Mapping edition 

The Droneintelligence software was specifically developed to ensure safe operations and provide reliable control over the Songbird products, enabling secure Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights. 

One notable feature of the software is the Special Mapping module, which offers enhanced capabilities for LiDAR integration. With this integration, our development team has incorporated an automated flight planning option. Customers can select the LiDAR of their choice from the options provided within the software, and the flight planning process for the designated area of interest will be carried out automatically. The user only needs to set the parameters for height and overlap. 

Songbird 150 High Precision mapping Yellowscan LiDARSDroneintelligence Software

To ensure a smooth and accurate mapping process, calibration flights are added at the beginning and end of the flight path.  

Moreover, the software provides the option to perform corridor flights, where calibration flights are added after a set distance to maintain accuracy throughout the mapping mission. 

Songbird 150 High Precision mapping Yellowscan LiDARSDroneintelligence Software

The combination of Droneintelligence software, LiDAR integration, and automated flight planning offers surveyors and mappers a comprehensive and efficient solution for conducting mapping operations with enhanced accuracy and convenience. 

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