Songbird 150 will be used for regular delivery of medicine

The regular transport of medical supplies and laboratory samples with drones (Germandrones VTOL Songbird) has now been permitted for the first time in Baden-Württemberg and Germany by the responsible aviation authority in Stuttgart. Flight operations will begin between clinics at a distance of around 30 km.

On Tuesday (April 19, 2023), the Baden-Wuerttemberg District President Susanne Bay handed over the approval for regular drone operations. This is the first operating license for long-distance drone transport beyond visual line of sights (BVLOS) in Germany.For this task, the Germandrones research and development team received the contract from German Copters to develop a new Songbird series for medical logistics. Changes were made to the aircraft that allow German Copters to better implement the drone for their logistics tasks. With a maximum take-off weight of 13 kg, the “Songbird Medical Edition” can transport up to 3 kg over a range of 100 km.

“We have worked tirelessly on this project, and I am proud that we are the first to receive regulatory approval for regular operations. With the use of our Songbird Medical Edition, we will be able to change medical logistics and make them more flexible,” said Holger Schulze, Managing Director of German Copters DLS.

Klaus Scho, CEO of Germandrones: “We are proud to partner with German Copters  to implement this first regular use case for medical logistics with drones in Germany. Maximum safety of our flights is granted by our own hard- and software development, including the integration of Droniq´s transponder to be visible for manned aircrafts and the logistic and safety operation features demanded by GermanCopters.”

The project is expected to set new standards in patient care, significantly reducing the transport time for medical samples and, for example, reducing the anesthetic burden on patients.

The flights, which are scheduled to take off in August 2023, will initially transport laboratory samples between two clinics in the Helios clinic network. The project will be expanded to other locations soon. The first flights cover a distance of about 30 km and take about 25 minutes at an economical cruising speed of 75 km/h.


Germandrones Songbird150 transportSongbird Medical Edition

Germandrones Songbird150 transportSongbird Medical Edition

Germandrones Songbird150 transportSongbird Medical Edition



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