Germandrones has developed a new and innovative surveillance solution to cater to customer's requirements. Base for the developments was feedback from worldwide clients including government agencies, law enforcement organizations, private security companies, border control, search and rescue organizations, and infrastructure providers.



 The SURVEILLANCE EDITION is an industrial UAV  that is designed to provide the best user experience under all circumstances. With its interchangeable payload and electric propulsion system, it allows long-endurance flights to cover huge areas within short time of preparation and high flexibility of operation.  

The SURVEILLANCE EDITION is a highly capable drone that is designed to operate in a variety of environments, including rough conditions. It is tested under high and low-temperature conditions and can withstand wind speeds up to 15m/s. The drone's high flight altitude, coupled with its high-resolution sensor, makes it virtually invisible in the sky, providing maximum flexibility for surveillance operations. 

Moreover, the SURVEILLANCE EDITION incorporates encryption technology to ensure the secure transmission of data collected during surveillance operations. This feature provides a secure means of transmitting sensitive data, such as images and video, making it difficult for unauthorized users to access or intercept this information.  

Germandrones Songbird 150 Surveillance EditionPicture - Songbird 150 Surveillance Edition

Droneintelligence© ground control software for smart operations 

To allow easy and successful flight, Germandrones integrates the basic and highly flexible  Droneintelligence©software. Planned missions are activated and executed from start to landing with only one finger-press of the pilot.  Emergency response features and automated routines can be set up according to the expected situation, and include the following triggers: telemetry lost, RC lost, and low battery charging. All points help the pilots to navigate during flights and to be sure that the drone responses to commands immediately. 

With the quick target coordinate save feature, the drone can save targets' locations, and its IMU navigation system ensures accurate navigation during flights. The information given via the screen to the pilot provides a planar view, camera pointing, and elevation profile as well as other helpful date to to track of the drone's location during surveillance operations. 

Germandrones Songbird 150 Surveillance EditionPicture - Droneintelligence© Software with Surveillance edition Module

The additional SURVEILLANCE EDITION module of droneIntelligence was developed with focus on end-user requirements with, for example, the integration of several optical and infrared camera systems, long-range data and video transmission modules. LTE and 5G-drone management are also part of the SURVEILLANCE EDITION 

Ground control station –All in all solution 

The advanced ground control station for the SURVEILLANCE EDITION enable high flexibility of operation within a robust transport box. Telemetry and control unit are integrated into the transport box as well as battery power. For operation by only one pilot, we recommend the Video Station with two parallel screens, one for the ground control software and the second for the video data. This setup enables operators to view live video feeds from the UAV's cameras and control its movements and operations through the Ground Control interface. The Video Station is a robust solution that can withstand challenging environments. 

Germandrones Songbird 150 Surveillance EditionPicture - Ground control station for Songbird surveillance edition (link)

Another option is a rugged laptop with preinstalled Droneintelligence© ground control software. The rugged laptop works as a portable control option for operators in the field. The external telemetry and control unit can be connected to it via USB and grants reliable communication. In this solution, videodata will be transmitted to an independent rugged laptop or other solution.  

With the  software-only option ,the use of existing hardware e.g. within mobile operation centers is also possible.  

All three options provide reliable and efficient control over UAVs, making them ideal for surveillance and other critical missions. The advanced ground control station with Songbird Surveillance Edition is a comprehensive system designed to meet the needs of operators in various environments. 


LTE and 5G technology to expand the limits 

The Songbird SURVEILLANCE EDITION can be equipped with LTE or 5G communication technology, providing a backup for control and data transmission in case of flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) or with objects obstructing the direct line of communication between the control station and the drone. This technology ensures that operators have reliable and continuous communication with the UAV, even in challenging environments. 

In addition to providing a backup communication channel, the LTE setup can also be used to transmit field data to the operational or command center, or any other device via the internet. This enables all mission participants to have a live view from the drone, helping to reduce decision-making time and improve communication and situational awareness among the team. 

To ensure the security of the information, the channel is encrypted, providing a safe and secure means of transmitting data. Overall, the addition of LTE or 5G technology to the advanced ground control station with Songbird Surveillance Edition enhances the system's capabilities, enabling operators to carry out missions with greater efficiency, safety, and effectiveness. 

Germandrones Songbird 150 Surveillance EditionPicture - Songbird 150 Surveillance Edition

Smart vision with advanced sensors 

Germandrones proposes the SURVEILLANCE EDITION with a range of already integrated sensor options from industry-leading manufacturers as for example NextVision ( and Merio ( 

NextVision Products provides a range of cameras and accessories, including object tracking, geolocation, video compression, and IP encapsulation.The video processing board TRIP5 provides electro-optic and infrared object tracking, video compression, IP streaming, video recording, and license plate recognition capabilities.  From NextVision, Germandrones offers two integrated sensor options - the Raptor and Nighthawk. 

Germandrones Songbird 150 Surveillance Edition                         Germandrones Songbird 150 Surveillance Edition                         Germandrones Songbird 150 Surveillance Edition

NextVision Nighthawk 2 series                  NextVision Raptor                           Merio Temis XL

Merio is another leading manufacturer of sensors for defence and security applications. Their sensors are designed to provide high-performance imaging capabilities, with options for both visible light and thermal imaging. The Temis XL camera from Merio is a high-performance thermal imaging camera for surveillance. It captures high-resolution thermal images, detects subtle temperature differences, and features a powerful zoom lens. Its rugged design makes it easy to use in various environments and it integrates with drones, vehicles, and fixed surveillance systems. The camera provides reliable thermal imaging capabilities for critical information gathering and real-time decision-making. 


In conclusion, the SURVEILLANCE EDITION is an excellent solution for surveillance operations. It provides flexibility and reliability, with innovative features that enable it to perform best under any circumstances. The drone's ability to fly in rough weather conditions withstand strong winds, and its long flight time makes it an excellent investment for surveillance operations. 

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