New product BEE-H6® CARRIER SERIES from Germandrones

Germandrones launches new Bee-H6® CARRIER SERIES for civil-protection, defense and commercial use cases

Germandrones GmbH, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (VTOL-UAVs), announced the addition of a new product development, the BEE-H6® CARRIER SERIES, to its portfolio. The BEE-H6® CARRIER SERIES, designed for heavy-duty cargo transport, will be capable of payloads of up to 200 kg and a flight time of up to 2 hours.

According to Dr Klaus Scho, CEO of Germandrones, "This product is a game-changer in the UAV industry, as it meets the payload and flight duration requirements multiple applications with low operation costs and minimised risks compared to helicopters. It expands opportunities for Germandrones. Although the BEE-H6 is designed for completely different use-cases to our Songbird-VTOL, we will generate great synergies and additional solutions for our clients."

The BEE-H6® CARRIER SEERIES is designed to serve logistics, agriculture, construction, public safety, surveillance and defense industries. The versatile UAV can carry liquids, heavy payloads, (rescue) equipment and diverse sensors.

"After an arduous nine-year journey developing the BEE-H6® CARRIER SERIES at BEE appliance, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the product development will continue under the roof of Germandrones GmbH and with the experience of the team in Berlin." said Felix Arnold.

Germandrones acquired in Q1/2023 assets and technologies of the BEE appliance company, including the flying prototype of the BEE-H6. Felix Arnold, former co-founder of BEE appliance realised with the prototype an initial step of his dream to develop a flexible and unique heavy duty UAV solution. After the acquisition Felix Arnold will continue as product owner for the BEE-H6 carrier project in Germandrones.

With over 25 years of experience in product design, aerospace, and automotive industry, Felix Arnold is well positioned to accompany Germandrones towards success with this latest addition to their portfolio.

The BEE-H6 will offer significant cost savings and gains in efficiency compared to traditional air-work and airlift craft, such as helicopters. Transport of equipment for rescue, construction, energy, offshore activities and defense will be highly flexible and without risk for human pilots.  Operation of the BEE-H6 will be integrated into the successful droneIntelligence mission platform which is already used by worldwide clients of Germandrones to operate the Songbird VTOL in surveillance, mapping and transport BVLOS-missions.

Germandrones BEE H6 carrier seriesPicture - BEE 600 carrier



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