Moldovian border under close monitoring by Germandrones Songbirds

Germandrones participated in negotiations as a technical expert as a part of the German Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

The agenda included topics related to the adoption of good practices and the adaptation of institutional processes to international standards in the field of border management, through the application of innovative surveillance systems like UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), especially in the context of the current crisis and the challenges facing the Republic of Moldova. 

The meeting was held in the Headquarters of the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova by the Head of the Border police Mr. Rosian Vasiloi. The project coordinator is Mr. Klaus Kandt, former president of the German Federal Police headquarter Berlin. The technical consultant for the implementation of the UAV technology is Dr. Klaus Scho, CEO of Germandrones.

Germandrones in Moldova

Germandrones in Moldova

As a result of the sequence of negotiations, the implementation of the partnership program started in May 2022. According to this program, two parts are stipulated and include training and delivery parts. 

Germandrones specialists have already started the first part of the advanced training course for operators - border guards from specialized subdivisions in Chisinau. The theoretical part of the training includes basic knowledge of aviation, VTOL drone operation and mission planning. The practical training part is focused on UAV control to ensure that representatives can confidently operate UAVs under complicated circumstances. In the summer 2022, the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova will be provided with 5 units of the Songbird 150 Surveillance edition to secure its border.

Germandrones in Moldova

Germandrones in Moldova

“I am convinced that the technical assistance provided will allow better coverage of vulnerable sectors at the border and will ensure rational human resources planning, which will ultimately generate a higher capacity for response and intervention in missions specific to the state border, which will essentially contribute to the detection of illegalities", mentioned Head of the Border police Mr Rosian Vasiloi.


The Songbird Surveillance edition is a perfect solution to provide seamless control at large distances up to 90 km. At the same time, it ensures stable connection and flexibility during the flight. Within 5 units of Songbird Surveillance Edition, it will be possible to organize flexible and fast access to each point of the border from several points to provide the quickest reaction. The sensor with 40X (optical+digital zoom and thermal camera) ensures informative data all over the operations.

Germandrones in Moldova

Note: The project is funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and results from high-level discussions by state delegations at the International Conference on the Establishment of the Support Platform for the Republic of Moldova, co-chaired by Germany, France and Romania in Berlin in April ‘22. More information about the project here: Frontiera „verde” va fi supravegheată cu ajutorul aparatelor de zbor fără pilot | POLIȚIA DE FRONTIERĂ A REPUBLICII MOLDOVA (


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