Flashing lights on the Songbird

Powerful LED strobes are just one of the many features available to tailor the UAV for every customer's needs. They can now also be ordered in green to match upcoming EASA regulations!

Each LED light is rated at an output power of 12 W, making it bright enough to be seen even in daylight. In dark conditions the aircraft can be spotted from more than a kilometre away. The lights automatically start flashing when motors are armed but can be deactivated when they're not needed.

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According to the EASA regulations, coming into effect in January 2021, aircraft in the relevant categories should be equipped...

"(a) with lights for the purpose of controllability of the UA; and

(b) with at least one green flashing light for the purpose of conspicuity of the UA at night to allow a person on the ground to distinguish the UA from a manned aircraft." (1)

This demand for distinctiveness means that the lighting setups of UAV should no longer resemble classical SERA standards. At Germandrones we have multiple options for this. We're looking forward to support you with getting your UAS operations ready for the new regulations.


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