New Ways in Emergency Response with INSPIRE

In the project (INtegrated Safety-PIlot-REgion) the integration of various innovative technologies is tested. Germandrones will make decisive contributions to the drone-subject.

New applications will be developed together with the other subprojects: The project "Smart-Home" for instance, concentrates on the automated evaluation of smart-home-sensors in order to report critical conditions directly to the emergency services. The subproject "Person Flow Measurement" aims to detect dangerous situations to automatically initiate countermeasures e.g., the redirection of visitor flows or the priority switching for emergency forces at traffic light crossings. The "Social Media" subproject develops a system to complement the overview of the situation with the help of information gathered from social media. It will also help to spread important news to citizens.

All subprojects will be integrated in the "INSPIRE-Hub"-software, where information are being collected and processed. The software enables drones to be launched automatically and be sent to the point-of-interest to support rescue operations with live data from the air.

Germandrones is a project partner since November 2020 and has now started to work on the conceptual and technical integration of autonomous drones into the system. It is the goal to develop an autonomously controlled drone that can be used at low altitudes and beyond visual line of sight in this context.

INSPIRE is sponsored by the "Digitalen Modellregion Ostwestfalen-Lippe". Trial operations will be established in Paderborn, which can later be expanded into other regions.


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