An Eye in the Sky in Austria

Last month the Songbird UAV flew two sample missions for the Austrian police, testing its airborne surveillance capabilities near the Slovenian border in day- and night operations using an EO- and thermal camera.

During the test, people and vehicles were placed in a 5 x 1 km area where they had to be detected and tracked with the drone. Thanks to the efficient fixed-wing flight mode, the Songbird has a small acoustic signature. A high altitude and a large distance to the target object can further help to remain undetected while the observation is carried out with the powerful stabilized camera.

The VTOL technology has some unique advantages for security operations in large areas:

  • Flexible like a copter. The UAV can take-off and land on a narrow dirt road or a small parking lot. The sensitive payload is well protected thanks to the gentle takeoff and landing procedures.
  • Long duration. Even with complex camera- and live transmission systems aboard, the UAV can achieve a flight time of 70 to 80 minutes. A target which has once been identified by a Songbird, can’t shake it off anytime soon.
  • Fast flight. At a normal cruise speed of 70 km/h and a top speed of more than 100 km/h, any point-of-interest can be reached quickly. And because the UAV can travel on a direct route through the air, it has advantages over vehicles even if they manage to drive faster.
  • Flight Distance. Airspeed and endurance add up to a mileage beyond the ability of any copter, making the VTOL the ideal tool for covering large areas. For example, equipped with a typical video surveillance payload, the Songbird can travel 80-90 kilometers!

Therefore, users can focus entirely on their job. For various tasks and demands, Germandrones offers different camera- and streaming solutions. There are powerful transmission systems for long range and high band width applications from VTQ, Silvus and via cellular networks. See here.



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