That’s 2020. What’s next?

Despite the challenges that 2020 brought for all, our Songbird fleet has been able to prove the reliability of its latest release version. In the more than 100 deployments over the course of the year, there hasn't been a single critical failure.

Check out this video compilation which has been generated randomly from our 2020 onboard camera archive.


In 2021, we'll release the next iteration of the Songbird, with more features and improvements in hard- and software. In addition, some interesting projects are coming our way. In the upcoming months, we will fly around a major German city and will show the possibilities of integrating the UAV into air traffic management at its airport. A new live camera option with even better day and night vision optics will be integrated and we will test high-precision-landings to prepare for the operation out of a drone port.

Stay tuned for all of this and much more!


Contact Info:

Dr. Klaus Scho, CEO

Tel. + 49 (0)30 34 78 12 81