Germandrones supporting PTB with measurements to allow the installation of new wind turbines.

New wind energy plants are rarely beeing built in Germany as permissions are not granted. One inhibiting factor are radio beacons from the air traffic control which are allegendly disturbed by the turbines.


These VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR) systems are used to navigate. A receiver aboard an aircraft can determine the direction to the VOR based on the radio signal.

Within the range of 15 km around such systems, no large wind energy turbines are allowed due to the fear of interferences by the large metal towers. However, recenetly the PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, the national metrology institute of the federal republic of Germany) was able to use drones to prove that those interferences are much less significant than originally assumed. Corresponding simulations are beeing backed up by these measurements.

Germandrones has outfitted a Songbird drone with specialized sensors for this purpose which can map electromagnetic fields.

The subject was covered in the TV show Heute Journal Update vom 9.12.2020 (German) - see minute 7:44 to 11:03.

Germandrones' systems fly compeletly electric and are beeing produced sustainably.



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Germandrones Songbird 100 collecting data near wind turbines.
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Fuselage with external antennas for mapping electromagnetic fields.