Successful Test of the DRONIQ UTM Module

Drones in Controlled Airspace?

Droniq is a joint venture of DFS (German air traffic control service) and Deutsche Telekom (telecommunications provider). Its goal is to safely integrate drones into the controlled airspace which is vital for a wide use of UAVs in BVLOS-applications (beyond visual-line-of-sight). To achieve this, Droniq has developed a UAS Traffic Management System, which transmits data from the drone to the air traffic controller. At the same time, the user can see the position of his drone as well as other manned and unmanned aircraft through a web interface. Because the data exchange takes place via the cellular network instead of powerful transponders like traditional aviation, the system can easily be used by drones.

Droniq has provided its UTM System to Germandrones – the integration of the small and lightweight module has been simple, as it works independently from other components. During the operation, no interferences or other problems occurred. The conclusion from the test is therefore positive. The Droniq system is ready for deployment with the Songbird. Until it becomes widely used in the years to come (hopefully), we will probably see further developments and test flights.

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